Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Inaugural Poet

On Thursday evening I went to the Wellfleet Congregational Church to hear the poet Richard Blanco read.  The younger generation refers to the venue as "The Congo" ... I've been to four or five events there, and the church is beautiful, but none of the events I've attended had anything to do with Christianity, and I suppose they rent it out for maintenance income.

Blanco looked so superbly tailored!  Handsome, bedecked in a creamy sports coat, white shirt, baby-blue tie, and blue trousers.  And he was so funny (about his poems, as well as in most of them) that he could make a living as a stand-up comedian. His poems are his autobiography. The photo below is from after the reading, when he'd moved to the basement to autograph books.


  1. Man, that was convenient coming to Wellfleet. It would have been a crime not to make it. Johnny

  2. oh lucky lucky you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ah..tailoring! the word 'bespoke' and I faint...

    More and more, those involved with church maintenance are going to have to find creative ways to make money...when I was in Lucca I thought of all those churches...the cost of the had musical a deconsecrated church...