Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I can be a little slow ....

In March of 1981 a friend named Doug Best wrote and directed a play called "Beyond the Revolt of Mamie Stover."  The production was "mounted" at The Back Room Bar in The Crown and Anchor Motel in Provincetown. I had received a postcard announcement, and I thought the card was cool and worth hanging onto. How cool was I? Well, not too cool where this card was concerned, for it was about fifteen years after receiving it that I realized it was a take-off on one of Bob Dylan's album covers, and I was a Bob Dylan fanatic. I supposed that everyone else had immediately recognized that the cover of "Bringing It All Back Home" was the inspiration for the postcard; that only I missed it.

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  1. be that as it may...I still reckon you're cool! A postcard very much of its time...the hair...it's always the hair ;-)