Sunday, November 11, 2012

Home Events: Hurricane Sandy & Election Day

Hurricane Sandy provided fierce winds ... it was exciting, after driving to Coast Guard Beach and then to Nauset Light Beach, to have my hat blown away (but rescued by my friend Ellen), and to feel the raging wind rock the truck, and to watch the fierce churning power of the Atlantic ... fortunately there was not a lot of damage on my Dory Lane piece of Cape Cod.  Behind the house next-door to my north, twenty feet of an oak tree's top snapped and fell to the ground, but damaged nothing, and behind the next-door house to my north, three eight-feet long sections of the six-feet high perimeter fence collapsed. And a very small bird's nest blew in from somewhere to rest next to our front door step. I haven't been able to identify what species of bird created this tiny marvel of engineering; I guessed it must be a hummingbird nest, but Google images threw that guess away. Now I'm thinking: nuthatch or finch, but don't really know.

At about 1:30AM on November 7th, having stayed up until Romney's concession speech, I noticed that the hibiscus in the foyer had produced three blossoms; an exuberance, I assumed, to celebrate that our country chose a dignified, intelligent, sensible, and decent man, a man who aims to follow the teachings of Christ, to serve as President for four more years.

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