Sunday, November 11, 2012

Eastham Congregational & Soldiers Cemetery

To observe Veterans Day I drove up the road to the Eastham Congregational & Soldiers Cemetery. A prominent memorial is dedicated to the citizens of this town who died in the Civil War.

Engraved on the front and two sides of memorial:

We Are Sacrificed
But Our Country Lives

Francis W. Penniman
Died July 8, 1861
Aged 18

Henry T. Morrison
Died May 18, 1863
Aged 27

Elkanah E. Smith
Died Oct. 26, 1864
Aged 27

Samuel Nickerson Jr.
Killed Jan. 6, 1865
Aged 45

Daniel P. Hopkins
Died July 16, 1863
Aged 23

Alvin L. Drown
Died Sept. 1, 1861
Aged 39

James W. Smith
Died April 3, 1862
Aged 23

Presented by the Ladies Soldiers Aid Society of Eastham

I'm curious to know the distinction of Samuel Nickerson, Jr. designated as "killed" against the other six having "died." ... Disease? Starvation?

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  1. It may mean that all but one died of wounds later and the one man was killed outright? My best guess. Love, Johny