Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Snapshot & Haiku

My cyberfriend Joan, whose home is in Australia, was recently touring Italy for a really enviable number of weeks with her man Sieg.  She posted hundreds of photos on Flickr and invited me to pick my favorite and she would make it the subject of a haiku.  I love this photo ... I am nostalgia every day for the old days of a real letter in the mailbox, and maybe a letter with an exotic stamp from a faraway place. Joan says this photo is of a display in a window of an antiquarian book shop near La Scala (where I saw "Queen of Spades" in 1960!) in Milan.  And I'm going to matt & frame it where I can look it everyday.  Nostalgia food.

So it came to pass
stamps and email had a fight
evolutionary ....

                                   -- Joan Kunze

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  1. Geo, taking a stroll through the memory bank...Milan it was...a shop near La Scala..such paper treasures! I, too, enjoy plus an envelope stamped ...