Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to George Harrison

Picture sleeve; b/w Writing's On The Wall

A tribute written to John Lennon, he who "imagined it all all those years ago" and who "said it all though not many had ears all those years ago."  Whatever, thanks George Harrison, you pitched perfect pitch.


  1. My brother Richard looks so much like George.

    20 June 1964 I saw The Beatles in Sydney! all those years friends were Paul fans..I was more John/George :-) I'd have my transitor under my pillow and listen to the late night Top Beatles' 10..a competiton each evening in..I wasn't allowed the luxury of a phone vote!

    A penny for your thoughts dear George...

  2. Hi Joan - Great days those were! One week on the Top Ten in 1964 the Beatles had the #1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 positions! Wish I could remember who had #5. I was fondest of John & George but one of my favorite Beatles songs is Hey Jude. Let's take this email so I know if you read my responses:

  3. Well, here they are Mr Fitz..The Top Ten you mention:

    Can so easily hear John's my head...

    How I love research!!!

  4. Hey Jude:

    'n the always delightful Ray Cooper on percussion..could watch him for hours..oh the wild energy...

    oh the hours I've sung this...great group thing!!! it's a group hug kind of song...never want it to end :-)