Sunday, February 27, 2011

Books: Physical Perfection

I'll never become a Kindle kind of reader, an electronic-books user, because I love to touch and look at books.  Sometimes they can be perfect in every way, even in size, such as this 4-1/2 X 6-1/2" edition of an essay on Baudelaire by Sartre. And perfect graphically too ... pre-Elvis pink and black!
1950 Dust Jacket from New Directions

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  1. Particularly like the fine pink line...opening such books ..rather like lifting the lid on a treasure chest...the surprise of the font..the layout...'n the crime when there be no publishing date..OH THE CRIME..a woman brought a beautiful book to our sewing group..over 100 years old..'twas her mother's..

    I understand the practicality of the electronic stuff...however..ain't the same..that flipping back to look at the picture of the author..looking and thinking "YOU thought THAT sentence!"..sheer joy sheer joy..that's all..I imagine a dress ..a Baudelaire/Jean-Paul Sartre dress..swirls of pink and black..type here and there..

    worn and beautiful book