Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bernard Malamud - Mt. Auburn Cemetery - Cambridge

Sometimes you read an author or a biography of an author and you think it'd be really nice to have him/her as a friend.  That's how I feel about Bernard Malamud.  And I'm rarely moved by art but I just love this portrait of him done by his friend Rosemarie Beck; I'd like to have it on my wall so I could look at it to my heart's content.  Well, jeez, it'd be nice just to know where it is so I could maybe go see it.

There was lots of snow still on the ground at Mt. Auburn Cemetery last weekend and we were lucky that this flat stone (or lozenge as it's called in the biography) was on a slope whose slant soaked up the sun well.

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  1. Hi, I happened to visit your website. I live in Japan. I like Bernard Malamud, and I wrote my MA thesis on his "The Assistant". I'm visiting Boston this September, so I'll definately visit Mt. Auburn Cemetery.