Wednesday, November 12, 2014

RIP: John D. Fitzgerald - Aug. 30, 1934 - Nov. 14, 2000

My brother. Gone way too soon. He and his beautiful wife, Helen, gave me a wonderful batch of four nephews and a niece and now countless great- and great-great nieces and nephews. 
Brother, I would have given you some of my years if such a trade-off were possible.


  1. G, I reckon in some profound way he knows that! And my oh my WHAT a bunch of nephews and nieces...of all ages! How delightful they have YOU in their lives :-) XOX

    1. Joan, I am lucky with -- oh gosh -- 30 or so nephews and nieces … maybe 40 … maybe 50! … I've lost count. That's what comes of having eight brothers and sisters!