Monday, September 29, 2014

"A Cookie Mueller Encyclopedia"

A woman in Berlin named Chloe Griffin came across a picture of Cookie Mueller (RIP: 1949-1989) I'd taken and, years later, put on my blog. Claire liked it very much, got in touch with me, and asked for permission to use that image. Of course I'd be thrilled to see one of my pictures in a book; Chloe ended up using it and 8 or 10 other pictures I'd taken of various people connected with early John Waters films in her book Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Mueller, which just happens to be a really admirable piece of work; I'm proud to have a small connection to it, and am looking forward to meeting Chloe at the "book launch" events in mid-October in Manhattan.

And, oh my, do I love Chloe's sweet inscription and lipstick-kiss!

Recently I was looking up the official publication date of Edgewise -- it is tomorrow, September 30 -- because a friend wanted to order it. While web-browsing, looking for Edgewise I came across another book about Cookie which I'd never heard of. I ordered a copy; I love all things Cookie. 

I opened the package, flipped through the pages and my eye immediately caught a picture that looked familiar. It is familiar. It's a picture of my brother and me. He is going to be surprised And there, too, under the encyclopedic entry "George Fitzgerald" is a little story swiped from my blog as well as the great picture of Cookie that first caught Chloe's eye.

It's fine, but I wish Mallory Curley had gotten in touch with me. I have since made the story a little better with more details; plus Mallory Curley mis-identifies the man with Cookie; it is Mark Baker, not John Rubenstein.

A Cookie Mueller Encyclopedia was published in 2010. I've had this barest smidgen of renown all these years without knowing it.

My original post, the one "re-written" by Mallory Curley was on March 2, 2009, here's a link to it. 

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  1. Mallory certainly SHOULD have contacted you!!!!!!! Cookie: The last of Mueller's quotes, an elegy of her intent and existence, was written shortly before her death:

    "Fortunately I am not the first person to tell you that you will never die. You simply lose your body. You will be the same except you won't have to worry about rent or mortgages or fashionable clothes. You will be released from sexual obsessions. You will not have drug addictions. You will not need alcohol. You will not have to worry about cellulite or cigarettes or cancer or AIDS or venereal disease. You will be free." Indeed.....wonder who will play the part of G Fitzgerald in the film of your life!