Monday, September 16, 2013

Friends: Howard Gruber

Autumn is for nostalgia. I look through old scrapbooks and come across an ad for my friend Howard Gruber's second Provincetown restaurant -- he'd been co-owner of Front Street, one of Provincetown's coolest places.   ... I love that he dug out his old Bar Mitzvah picture to announce the opening of his new place.  (It didn't remain a "deli" for long ... Howard was a fine cook and soon the place was advertising fine dining.

Howard was one of those gone too soon --- born in 1941, died in 1993.  RIP Howard ... I remember sweet things you said to me and I remember a promise you asked me to make.  I made it, and I've kept it.


  1. He did not say you could not reveal the promise, did he?

  2. am loving the font he chose for GRUBER'S BAYSIDE DELI...peace dear Howard...