Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Parkington Sisters

I saw this poster at a cafe where I sometimes have breakfast; the date July 18th had already passed so I asked the cafe's owner if I could have the poster. "I have a crush on all four of the Parkington sisters," I said. (I think there are more sisters and brothers that aren't in the group.)

I've seen them in concert twice. And when my friend was in the hospital he introduced me to his nurse and said, because I used to live in Wellfleet, "She's from Wellfleet and her daughters are musicians, maybe you know them."

"Oh, you must be the mother of the Parkington Sisters!" "Yes!" "I just love them!"  It was like being introduced to ... oh, say, John Lennon's Aunt. The Parkington mother looked way too young to have children over 10 or 12.

 I can't imagine growing up in a house with so much musical talent laying around. They all write songs. They all play multiple instruments.  It would be bliss.

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  1. oh it's not only writers I'm joyously discovering here...MUSIC as well!!!!!!!!!!!!! as for posters...I'm a great one for looking at the date..alas I can't go because..oh joy...I can ask for the poster!!! In a cafe in Skagway there, a poster for a picnic with the local batch of Democrats...yes of course you can have it! glee...

    the gals: