Sunday, June 3, 2012

St. Jacob's Lutheran Cemetery; Anna, Ohio; June 1, 2012

It is easier to mow the lawn if you cluster the grave markers of a cemetery.  The inscriptions on most of these stones, in a cemetery on Route 25 south of Anna, Ohio, are in German, and the names seem to be all of German origin.  The reason for the cluster:  A 1965 tornado caused great damage to the cemetery.  Those tombstones which could be salvaged were respectfully gathered and placed together in the center.

One of my brothers told me that the small town of Anna, incorporated in 1877, with a current population of about 1300, was settled by the Lutherans, while a small town on the same road to the north was settled by Catholics, and a small town to the south was settled by Methodists.

Birds of a feather ... and so forth.

Another of my brothers, Jim, owns an historic building north of Anna which was actually a watering station for the Interurban line that ran between Toledo and Dayton; within the building the old tracks remain.  Jim is a collector/wheeler-dealer extraordinaire, and uses this building for storage.  If you need anything unusual ... a beer sign from the 1930s, or a spare part for a Harley or for an old Ford Galaxy, or any certain of thousands of other things ... you might want to check with him.


  1. Uncle Geo,

    It looks like you can't even walk between those grave stones. Love, Johnny

  2. Such an elegant image...if I were a cemetery I'd be more than ok being that a sculptural cluster of souls...

    as for Jim...ohhhhhhhhhhhhh how I'd like to meet him and visit that historic building north of Anna...have a thing for old signs...