Saturday, December 31, 2011

Twelve Best & Two Worst Books of 2011

Top Twelve Best Reads or Re-Reads of 2011

  1. Nabokov: Vol I The American Years;
      Vol II  The Russian Years - Brian Boyd

  2. Hitch-22 - Christopher Hitchens

  3. Townie - Andre Dubus III

  4. Thoughts Without Cigarettes - Oscar Hijueles

  5. The Stranger's Child - Alan Hollinghurst

  6. Steppenwolf - Hermann Hesse

  7. Humiliation - Wayne Koestenbaum

  8. Interviews and Encounters with Stanley 
     Kunitz - ed. Stanley Moss

  9. How Fiction Works - James Wood

10. Lytton Strachey - Michael Holyoyd

11. A Widow's Story - Joyce Carol Oates

12. Elizabeth Bishop and The New 
     Yorker - ed. Joelle Biele

Worst Two Books Read or Re-read in 2011

The Sun Also Rises - Ernest Hemingway

Sempre Susan - Sigrid Nunez

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  1. oh I love such lists!

    'n think of the books that perhaps know you'll pick them up in the coming year...all those pageturning oh joy

    Joyce Carol Oates: We are linked by blood, and blood is memory without language.