Monday, November 28, 2011


We have lots of ticks here.  I've pulled a couple hundred dog ticks off me. I always heard you needn't worry unless the much smaller deer tick embedded itself in you. How do you know? Well, a deer tick makes a rash that  looks like a bull's eye, they said. So you're always casually examining ... does that look like a bull's eye, does this look like a bull's eye? Well, once you've seen one, there's no mistaking it. The picture shows what I found on the side of my thigh yesterday, after I'd removed the tick, piece by piece, with the tiny tweezer that comes in a Swiss Army knife. The doctor said it was unlikely it'd been there for over 24 hours, so I didn't need to worry about Lyme's Disease, or the other things deer ticks can transmit to you. But antibiotics just in case. "And keep your eye on it," she said. So I'm keeping my one good eye on the bull's eye.

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  1. oh my sister in law Rosemarie knows Tickworld very well....bloody hell..they consider her home...crumbs Geo..I saw 'Ticks''n the date and wondering what they had in common...

    am imagining wellBEing...begone ye ticks of MA!