Sunday, November 20, 2011

Things Tucked in Books

Someone in Liverpool bought a book in a car-boot (yard) sale and found tucked in it a 1960 letter from Paul McCartney offering someone a job as drummer for a group called The Beatles; it was auctioned off this week at Christie's for over $55,000!  I was looking through some old books at a friend's recently deceased father's house but all I found was this card with its beseeching for an apostolic blessing from Pope Paul VI; it's possibly from the mid-sixties.  All offers will be considered.


  1. George, here, everything need to know about papal blessings...

    "My mother got us one for our wedding -- I really am grateful to have had the pope praying for us -- there was a time where I think his prayers were what kept me strong and determined -- I think she went thru her church and made a donation...I don't know how much but I'm sure your church would be able to point you in the right direction? "...I'm quite sure a donation would have been made!


    "Since the Holy Year the Vatican has been concerned that these blessings not become a commercial enterprise and we respect their wishes.

    For those who live outside of Rome, it can be difficult to acquire a Papal Blessing, and we very much regret that we can no longer provide this service."....such a disappointment I'd reckon...would have been a nice little money earner...

    Fewer and fewer of such cards would now be printed...still many...however fewer...'63 to '78 his papacy...

    I came across a bone fragment of St Nicholas of Myra ;-) a locket...'n that framed...all latin writing and all..from 1800s...was being thrown out at a local I love 'how things once were' things..

    When The Beatles came to Australia, I entered a competition...1st prize ..a transistor...2nd? Beatles' autographs...guess who won 1st prize! moi...alas....

  2. supposed bone fragment