Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anton Webern - December 3, 1883 – September 15, 1945 - Part V

A couple more photos I found relating to Anton von Webern. The stunningly designed marker above seems to commemorate a meeting near Mittersill, Austria, of Webern and Cesar Bresgen; the latter was one of Hitler's favorite composers, making him seem an unlikely friend of Webern.

I guess the words are in a Viennese dialect; I remember a hundred words of the German language at most, and even with the help of Babelfish (an online translation service) the best version I can come up with is: "In the sunny mountain the more that is known - the more that is loved." I'm sure it is more beautifully expressed than I've managed; perhaps a German or an Austrian will read this and correct and improve my effort.

Below is the rear of Webern's tombstone.  A stab, again, at translation: "Through your eyes the light goes to your heart and comes gently back as joy."

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