Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hiking Haiku

Fourteen Hiking Haiku

for Joan Kunze

Step into Wellfleet woods
unleash dog

Life's simple today
blue jeans t-shirt leather boots
warm sun

Hiking within
e e cummings' leafy
green spirits

As fourteen white fluffs
punctuate his true
blue sky

Butterfly careens, dashes
darts, flutters, mindless of

Mushrooms, born overnight,
fully formed, festoon path
honoring Plath

Residue of bonfire 
in clearing; strewn empty

Come upon calm clear pure
Spectacle Pond

Kerouac's juju beads in mind
his knees cold
mine creaky

Maelstrom of earthly scents
scintillated dog
dead vole

Breathe in, yoga man,
'72 hitch-hiker recalled,
breathe out

Counting syllables
measuring meter
seeking rhyme

Aimless steps
going anyhere
no sense of time

Toward dusk, homeward bound,
reflecting: Lou Reed:
perfect day


1 comment:

  1. merci Mr George..

    I swear all those images are as happy as Larry to have been haiku inspirations...

    ah...Lou and that walk on the wild side..


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