Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some Company I Kept; Muenchweiler, Germany; 1960

It's hard to believe that I was ever the sort who'd get an invitation into the home of nuns, but I was, for an Easter season lunch.  My Army buddy, Eddie Franklin, and my boss's wife, Ella Alden, who was like a mother to me while I was overseas, had been befriended by the local nuns.  The following is typed on the back of this photograph:  "The nun on my right is 'my sister' (my favorite one), Sister Monfrieda.  The one on the left of me is the organist, and the one down in front of Sister Monfrieda is the kindergarten teacher.  She is very pretty although this picture does not show it well.  She looks very young but has been a nun for around twenty-five years.  This was taken the Sunday after Easter at the side door of their home, Muenchweiler, Germany, 1960."

Sister Monfrieda had relatives in Indiana and thought that since I was from Indiana I must know them.  Her relatives were from Decatur, not exactly near Mentone, where I grew up.  She pronounced Decatur: Day-ka-tour.

Our friendship didn't last all that long.  Once they suggested that we could perhaps come up with some amount of money for something or other that we didn't exactly think was charitable.  End of friendship.

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