Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who's Your Daddy?

When the phrase "Who's Your Daddy?" was used as a taunt between the Red Sox and the Yankees a few years back I couldn't really imagine what it really meant.  I played with it and, being from Indiana, changed it and referred to myself as "Hoosier Daddy" at work even though I'm not a father.  I thought I was totally cool but then Wikipedia says that "Who's Your Daddy?" became, in Indiana, "Hoosier Daddy" -- referring to Bobby Knight -- long before the Red Sox and Yankees began using it and long before I transformed "Who's Your" to "Hoosier".  Wikipedia traces it back to the song "Time of the Season" by the Zombies, and says it indicates dominance by those shouting it even if there's nothing in the song that bespeaks dominance

Anyhow, not a daddy, I still liked it when, in my late thirties, some of my young friends who were in their late teens called me Dad or Daddy or Poppy.

(It occurs to me that I can come up with some really lame non sequiturs in composing a few words to accompany an illustration that I want to post -- lame self-indulgence.  Oh, well.) 

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