Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bad Girls

Susan Walsh, Divine, and Cookie Mueller:  Bad girls in the film "Female Trouble" by John Waters.  In real life, sweethearts.  One time outside Baltimore, when Waters was shooting that movie, a bunch of us were hanging out in a field, lounging on the grass, killing time while some scene was being set up.  Susan and I were chatting.  Divine came over and said that a friend of his was doing a photo-shoot for Playgirl magazine; would Susan and I like to go to Los Angeles to be photographed ... and would we mind being photographed nude?  Frankly, I didn't suppose that it would really happen, and I said thanks but no thanks.  Susan said she'd be glad to do it.  And then, months later, it really did happen ... some other guy was in the spread in what might have been my place.  Stupid of me perhaps to have passed on the offer -- that issue of that magazine would have been a nice show-and-tell all these years.

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