Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This guy who gets crushes on all sorts of writers and deals with numerous grave matters is headed for France and will have some fresh posts come about May 18th. His primary goals: to pay homage at the grave of Susan Sontag at Cimetiere de Montparnasse in Paris; to pay respects at Normandy to those who gave their lives for a great cause; and to see "The Lace" Cathedral in Rouen. And, more immediately, to check if Proust had any comments about this particular cathedral in his 4000-page novel, comments which I should read before I visit the cathedral. (Luckily, the excellent Modern Library edition of In Search of Lost Time has, at the end of Volume VI, wonderful indexes of (a) characters, (b) persons, (c) places, and (d) themes. Thus, I can see, and at just a glance, that Rouen is mentioned on page 147 in Volume 5, and again in Volume 6 on page 170! Additionally each volume contains its very own synopsis.)

So: Au revoir!

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