Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Autumn intensifies nostalgia.  Today my nostalgia is for Ireland.  I have company from there this week, including Flo, who became my penpal in 1953.  It was in the eighth grade at Mentone School that, for a quarter,  my classmates and I each could get an international penpal.  We were allowed to ask that our penpal be from a certain country.  I chose Ireland.  That quarter bought me such richnesses of friendship such as I could not have imagined, and I like to say, and it is true, that it was the smartest expenditure I ever made.

My company will be flying back to Shannon Friday.  I'll be wanting to go with them.

A cute bookstore in Kenmare, 1996; my sister Sheila & brother Bernard out front.

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  1. Ireland has always been my dream. Actually I did dream of being in Ireland and fall in love with a woman in the summer holidays of my sophomore (sophos moros) year (19 years old) when I did not go back home from Beijing, before I had much knowledge (even from reading) about the country. haha, this is a junk reply.