Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Niece Cindy

My older brother John, Cindy's father, very layed-back, was not one to show much emotion, but I happened to stop at his and his wife Helen's home the morning after Cindy was born.   John, just back from the hospital, was absolutely beside himself.  He could not stop expressing amazement at how perfect she was, at what a miracle her birth was, and how the world was entirely different now.  I'd not seen him so excited about anything prior to this.

Having known her now for 52 years I've seen time and again that his excitement was entirely justified.

Happy birthday Cindy with love from Uncle George!


  1. Uncle George,
    Now I'm crying again. Thank you so much for this birthday post and the memory of my dad. What a wonderful story. I miss him so very much. Of the few things I'm certain of in my life is the love that my dad had for his family. Thank you for sharing that insight of my dad. I love you dear uncle!

  2. George- Yes Pati suggested your blog to me too and have enjoyed looking at your posts. Love the birthday wishes and old photos. I may have to steal that idea as my sisters birthdy is coming up and I probably have several photos which would embarrass her to no end. Keep warm up there, I hear its getting cold! Pam