Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Favorite Postcards #3

I've saved hundreds of postcards I've received over the years.  This one, from 1981, might be not just a favorite but the favorite.  I love the picture, I love the script, and the 36 words, combined with the photograph (both the work of  Duane Michals), manage to equal say a 30-page short story -- the longing and melancholy of Thomas Mann's "Death in Venice" come to mind.  And the sender of the postcard, a sweet friend of dear friends in Northampton ... well, I've not seen her since. 

(While in Montreal one weekend there was a show of Duane Michals' photographs at the Museum of Contemporary Art -- proof that, now and again, luck is bound to come your way.)


  1. The days of a simplier uncluttered life. No street address, No zip code. Aah, the life of a celeb! Great post card

  2. Yea, much simpler! Everyone knew everyone in Provincetown.

  3. no need for a street address and zip code in 1981! China was promoting the use of zip code at that time, and people were sometimes "warned" that if there was not a correct zip code the mail would go astray.