Thursday, July 30, 2009

San Francisco Winter: Patty & Patti

There were two big events for me in San Francisco in early 1976: 1. I attended several sessions of the Patty Hearst trial (more on that in a future post).* 2. I saw Patti Smith perform at The Boarding House.

I snatched this poster from the wall of a laundromat on Polk Street.

I recently watched a documentary about her: "Patti Smith: Dream of Life" -- you could go to YouTube and in "Search" type in "Patti Smith Indictment of George Bush" and hear her speak a great poem.
*At work I was talking to a young Americorps worker who grew up in San Francisco. I mentioned having gone to the Hearst trial, but she had no idea of who Patty Hearst was (is)! I was flabbergasted, then humbled, realizing that my era was not, as I had thought, the center of history; was, in fact, falling into a state of disregard, while the young Americorps volunteer's era was budding, ready to flower, however unlovely or lovely its bloom may prove to be. I am recovering from the shock.

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