Monday, June 15, 2009

International Press Coverage

Above is the cover of the monthly news bulletin published in the village of Faucon, France. My brother and I made a pilgrimage to Faucon in May so that I could pay homage to one of my favorite writers, Violette Leduc. She lived in Faucon, and is buried there. An Alain Coullet, whom we took to be perhaps the mayor, was surprised that someone would still be seeking traces of Violette 37 years after her death; he took our picture and said it might, if there was room, appear in the local "journal". I asked him to mail me a copy if this happened; it was in the mailbox today, along with the dog biscuit the mail carrier always leaves for our dog Jodie. (Which reminds me that I once had a cat named Violetta, in honor of Leduc. Violetta became -- alas -- a coyote's supper.)

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