Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bronchial Infection

I've been feeling like crap for about a week and a half. Coughing, congestion, stuffed up. I woke up a couple different mornings and thought ah it's gone but then it would come back. I read a wonderful book by the wonderful Lawrence Durrell and that made me feel better.

Then my friend Jane ... she's the wife of my buddy Jack at work ... she went to Newport and stopped along the way and picked fresh strawberries and sent some with Jack to give me. I dumped them on a pint of half-melted Haagen-Dazs vanilla. This too made me feel better.

Finally I remembered that I have a doctor. I went to see him today. "Bronchitis," he pronounced. He gave me some scripts. Now I'm not going to just feel better but am going to get better!


  1. Well, at least it's not incurable COPD

  2. Sounds like you are on the road to recovery with or without the Dr. Another shot of strawberries and ice cream would help I am sure.

  3. Uncle George,

    Hope you are feeling better. I suggest that a shot of Chartreuse be added to your regimen the next time... Love, Johnny

  4. Hi George,

    Hope you are feeling better, liquer chocolates may help. . .I am in Cologne, Germany at the moment but will be in Paris during 17th and 20th July, would you offer any suggestions about visiting Proustian places (or others)? Thanks Simon

  5. Hi Simon - Proust's grave is in Pere Lachaise Cemetery; a great place to visit; graves of many famous people there; including the most visited: Jim Morrison! Proust's actual bedroom furnishings are housed in Musee Carnavalet. He lived on Boulevard Hausmann but it's not worth the bother to see it as it's undistinguished and not preserved. The best thing is to go to Gare Montparnasse, take train to Chartres, then change for train to boyhood home of Illiers-Combray. Don't know if you've read "Swan's Way" but there are 2 walks described in this 1st volume of "In Search of Lost Time" ... Swan's Way and Guermantes Way, and you can take both walks; there are guideposts along the way with suitable quotes from Proust. Also his boyhood home is a museum dedicated to him; the docents there will advise you about the walks. Hope you are having and will continue having a fabulous time! - George