Monday, March 2, 2009

Uncle Gene's Birthday

Walter Eugene Luckenbill, born March 2, 1918; died June 8, 1988. On May 21, 1943, he enlisted in what was then called the Army Air Force. Stationed in Corsica, he was on a plane that got shot down over Italy. His wife, Altessa, as well as Grandpa & Grandma Luckenbill, got the same dreaded telegram from the Defense Dept. saying that Gene was "Missing in Action." However, Gene and one other crew member, despite an assurance from the pilot that he'd be able to land the plane safely, parachuted out. They survived; those who'd stayed with the plane did not. Gene was reunited with his outfit within a month.

It was always great when Aunt Tess & Uncle Gene visited us or we visited them. Their children, Jerry and Nancy (Jerry slightly older than me, Nancy a year or two younger, and both gone now), were the most fun cousins we could have asked for.

Uncle Gene sent (or brought home) to his big sister Iris, my mother, a 5-Franc note from Corsica for her Feb. 8, 1945 birthday.

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  1. Thanks Uncle George. This is the first I have heard of Uncle Gene in any detail or at least that I can recall hearing. There must be a missing air crew (MAC) report relating to the crash if we knew a few more details. Thanks again for bringing Great Uncle Gene to light. Love, Johnny