Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Nephew Robert, born in 1962


  1. I can remember when the photographer came to our house to take this photo. He told my mom he wanted to do something different than a group pose. He asked my mom if she had a pot and jewelry. We then went down to the woods at the end of our street. It was exciting for us kids though the 3 of us are "shadows" in the background! My one and only time for being on the front page of the newspaper... because of my Irish heritage.

  2. It's actually a cute idea the photographer had. Mike & I drove along Rosemont Drive last summer to see if we could recognize your old house and thought we did. - Geo (who knows only how to be anonymous on his own blog!)

  3. Hi Uncle George,

    First time I've seen this blog posting, it seems so long ago, yet only yesterday. I have a copy that my Mom gave me that I pull out every now and then. Cindy, Dan and Jeff have always been jealous that they were only in the background, Oh well! The funny thing is that despite my moment of fame as the prototypical Irish American, when I am overseas am always thought to be a German (not a bad thing in some countries).
    I also enjoyed your prose lamenting deer ticks and that lady in Iowa who spends so much time posting on cooking and wine (I'm actually just very jealous of her).